• The FairWhistle Assessment Process

    Our process helps to promote a safe and healthy environment for refs, players, and coaches to develop by enabling leagues, clubs, and teams to efficiently manage the assessment feedback loop.



    After the match, an email/text message is sent out to the ref(s) and coach(s) asking them to provide feedback that the league can use to help create a healthy environment for everyone.



    The coach(s) assesses the referees across a number of categories that include match control, positioning, player management, pre and post game instructions and overall standard of officiating.



    The ref(s) assesses the coach across a number of categories that include communication, respect for players and refs, pre and post game interactions and provide an overall coaching rating.



    At the youth level, ref(s) assesses the parents/fans across a number of categories that include respect for players, respect for refs, overall positivity and overall rating.



    The league gathers user data and other custom assessments throughout the season and provides up-to-date rankings for coaches, parents and referees. This enables the league to encourage and promote a healthy culture for everyone.

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    Measuring and creating healthy sporting communities!

    FairWhistle software is a sports assessment and survey platform that enables leagues, clubs, and teams to easily gather and respond to feedback from referees, coaches, and teams.

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