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    Measuring and creating healthy sporting communities!

    FairWhistle is a sports assessment platform that enables leagues and teams to easily gather and respond to feedback with a focus around officiating. Our mission is to positively impact sporting environments by creating transparency within a sport’s ecosystem. We believe what gets measured gets improved.

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    Developing Officials from Youth to Pro

    FairWhistle focuses on creating a development pathway for officials through continued education, backed by data. Our feedback loop promotes transparency between coaches, leagues, and officials to drive improvement in a healthy environment.

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    Optimized Workflows for Leagues and Teams

    We collaborate with top leagues to enhance their organization’s efficiency by streamlining workflows, gathering data, and creating customized management tools. Focused on innovation, we take complex issues and create simple solutions that put time back into our customer’s lives.

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    Sports Compliance With A Heart

    We enable leagues and teams to track compliance metrics with customized dashboards and real time reporting, while donating a percentage of our topline revenue to building sustainable and safe sports fields worldwide through our FairSpaces 501(c)3 initiative.

  • A survey and workflow platform that makes sports safer and better

    Our comprehensive survey, assessment, and workflow platform champions a secure and thriving ecosystem for officials, players, and coaches to cultivate their skills. It empowers leagues, clubs, and teams to streamline the collection of essential pre- and post-competition data efficiently. Discover how leading professional and amateur leagues are harnessing the potential of FairWhistle.

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    Officials Assessments

    Evaluate your performance vis-à-vis league standards and seamlessly gather coach feedback following each competition. Swiftly address any incidents, assess officials' performance across multiple leagues and seasons, and facilitate their ongoing growth and skill development.

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    Coaches Assessments

    Coaches play a pivotal role in fostering the growth of players, teams, and leagues. While gauging win-loss outcomes is straightforward, evaluating their sideline interactions and perception presents challenges. FairWhistle empowers both professional and amateur leagues to monitor coaches' conduct, ensuring alignment with the league's mandated values.

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    Parents/Spectators Assessments

    Parents and spectators play an integral role in both professional and amateur sports. Through our post-match surveys, coaches and officials can promptly report positive interactions as well as potentially concerning incidents. This empowers leagues to comprehensively monitor fan and parent behavior throughout the entire season, fostering the creation of wholesome sporting communities for all participants.

  • Officials Development Pathway

    We firmly believe that achieving world-class performance necessitates proactive development of essential skills, heightened awareness, optimal fitness levels, and invaluable experience—cornerstones for excelling at the highest echelons. In collaboration with leagues, officiating organizations, and key stakeholders, we have meticulously crafted a pathway seamlessly integrated into each sport's established framework. This transformational approach modernizes and crafts a world-class trajectory, fostering consistent excellence across every tier of the sport.

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    Feedback Loops

    Fostering secure and nurturing environments where feedback seamlessly circulates among officials, coaches, leagues, and officiating organizations, nurturing the growth and evolution of officials as the game progresses.

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    Personal Growth Insights

    FairWhistle harnesses the accumulated data to provide officials with tailored insights and timely developmental prospects. Explore video clips, compare your data with peers, and chart your unique pathway to advancement.

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    League Standards Education

    Leagues and officiating organizations leverage FairWhistle's comprehensive data to educate and cultivate officials across the sporting realm. This encompasses league standards, implementation of new rules, and tackling systemic issues unveiled by the data.

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    Mentorship Programs

    FairWhistle empowers leagues and officiating organizations to seamlessly link officials according to their personalized developmental levels. Our platform leverages the renowned mentor-mentee framework, fostering secure and fulfilling connections.

  • Dashboards, Data, and Workflows that work for sports

    Witness how some of the world's premier leagues harness the power of our dashboards, data, and workflows to enhance operational efficiency throughout their entire organization, contributing to their team's success both on and off the field.

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    Dashboard and Reports

    We have meticulously crafted FairWhistle for intuitive and effortless use. Through our dashboards, reports, and automated workflows, leagues can ensure comprehensive survey completion and proficiently analyze the essential data required for effective league management.

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    Digital Competition Reports

    Ditch the paper forms and digitally validate competition proceedings. Cut down the time needed for information collection, ensuring precise and punctual completion of all competition reports. Generate reports, monitor trends, and access insights to facilitate swift decision-making.

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    Pre Competition Workflows

    Managing the multitude of contact and event details involved in a competition can often become perplexing. Our tailored workflows streamline this process, enabling leagues to effortlessly gather team, security, and media contact information, facilitate kit selection, and promptly disseminate vital updates to all essential stakeholders.

  • Sports Compliance That Promotes Healthy Cultures

    Our ❤️ at FairWhistle is to measure and create healthy cultures so that everyone wins on and off the field.

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    Participation Reports and Notifications

    With FairWhistle's participation reports and customizable notification workflows, you can ensure that all assessments and surveys are completed on time, while also notifying the relevant individuals promptly when an event occurs.

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    Abuse and Discrimination Reporting

    Abuse and discrimination pose significant risks, capable of undermining the confidence of officials, coaches, or players. Proactively monitor and address potential issues, ensuring timely notifications and preventing unwelcome surprises from emerging in the media.

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    Flexible and Secure

    We comprehend the paramount significance of your data's security and take necessary measures to ensure its safeguarding. Rest easy, knowing that your information is protected, and access is meticulously controlled according to your organization's permission levels.

  • A few of the leagues that love FairWhistle

    Helping to promote a healthy and safe environment for all involved in sports.

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