• Measuring and creating healthy sporting communities!

    FairWhistle software is a sports assessment and survey platform that enables leagues, clubs, and teams to easily gather and respond to feedback from officials, coaches, and teams.

  • Surveys and Workflows that work for sports

    Our surveys and workflows help promote a safe and healthy environment for officials, players, and coaches to develop by enabling leagues, clubs, and teams to manage the collection of necessary pre and post-competition data efficiently. Learn how some of the top pro and amateur leagues are leveraging FairWhistle.

    Official Surveys

    Measure performance and digitally collect feedback from the coaches after every competition. Quickly closing the loop on any incidents, measure officials' performance across leagues and seasons while enabling them to learn and grow as they continue to develop their skills as officials.

    Competition Surveys

    Throw away the paper forms and digitally verify what happens in a competition. Reduce the time it takes to collect the information, ensure all surveys are accurate and completed on time, run reports, track trends, and review insights that will enable you to make decisions quickly.

    Pre Competition Workflows

    Managing all the contact and event information that goes into a competition can get confusing. With our customizable workflows, leagues can easily collect team, security, and media contact information, facilitate kit selection, and quickly distribute information to all key stakeholders.

    Coach surveys

    Coaches are essential for the development of players, teams, and leagues. It is easy to measure their win-loss results but hard to measure how they interact and are perceived on the sidelines. Both pro and amateur leagues can now track the coach's behavior and ensure they are living out the values the league requires of their coaches.

    Fan/Parent surveys

    Parents and fans are integral to sports at the pro and amateur levels. With our post-match surveys, coaches and officials can quickly report positive and potentially harmful interactions, ensuring leagues can track fan/parent behavior across an entire season and ensure they are helping to create healthy sporting communities for all.

    Dashboard and Reports

    We have designed FairWhistle to be simple and easy to use. Leveraging our dashboards, reports, and automated workflows, leagues can ensure everyone completes the surveys and can analyze the data they need to manage their league efficiently.

  • A few of the leagues that love FairWhistle

    Helping to promote a healthy and safe environment for all involved in sports.